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The Top 5 Costumes For Role-Playing


There is a very simple reason guys love Halloween more than any other holiday, the costumes and uniforms that allow fantasies to become reality.


One of the easiest ways to keep your sex life spicy and exciting is to play dress-up and role-play. Here are our top 5 female outfits that usually lead to men dropping some dough in the costume shop.


1. The Cheerleader

The fantasy that started for every man in high school or when puberty kicked in. These short skirt & palm palm combo outfits can usually be found in any Halloween store or costume shop. Give me a S-P-A-N-K whooo!


2. The Nurse

Sick patient on the table with medical paper…hot nurse walks in with that puppy dog face saying “how are you feeling hun.” Between the scrubs and the stethoscope men are usually turned on by the very thought of being taken care of by a hot nurse. Try a secondhand store for this outfit. You can also buy scrubs just about anywhere.

3. The Dominatrix

A good leather whip across your ass and maybe even a gag-ball in your mouth. Hey, to each his own, but there is no denying the sexy factor of a woman dressed up like Pamela Anderson in the movie “Barbwire.” This outfit is a little tougher. You will probably need to visit an adult store or an S&M website to find what you need.


4. The Hooker / Stripper

Always a favorite for all men. Nothing will get a man going like fishnets, clear stripper heels and a linguine bikini. This one is easy. Just look for the trashiest store around, or head to the largest lingerie shop in the area.


5. The Schoolgirl

Probably the most infamous outfit of all time. Scour thrift stores for school uniforms, or just wear a really short skirt and knee-high socks. Don’t forget the over-sized lollipop and the non-stop use of the word “daddy.”


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By Mr. Puddy


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