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10 Things You’ll Only See in New York City

New York City McDonalds

There’s no place in the world like New York City. Those of us who live here know that we see things every day that others in the world simply never see. Here 10 of those odd things that we have the “privilege” of witnessing.


Images and the list itself were compiled by Matt Stopera over at Buzzfeed. His list is 48-deep, but we’ve compiled the 10 we thought were most appropriate.



10. What Goes Better with Cappuccino than Tattoos?

Cappuccino and Tattoos



9. Your Socks Don’t Match




8. After the Second Death Star Incident…

Vader on a Subway



7. Illegal Massage Trouble

Illegal Massage



6. Recycling Man

Recycling Man



5. Keeping Order Through Chaos

Keeping Order



4. Don’t Be a Hater

Cab Hate



3. If Aliens Invade, They’ll Fit In Here

Aliens in New York



2. Breaking Down Race Boundaries

Chinese Hispanic



1. Only 2 Damn Dollas

Very Cheap


cover photo.


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