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Are the Yankees Hitting Too Many Home Runs?


Most of the runs the Yankees score come from the home run. It is only April, but the numbers do not lie- 88 runs scored and 30 home runs in 16 games. They’re on pace to hit over 300. Is it too many, though?


I know that sounds like a crazy question to ask. How can you hit too many home runs, and how can that be a bad thing? There are some that believe it could be a problem. They say that using the home run as your best weapon can be dangerous in the playoffs because you’re facing better pitching. If I’m not mistaken, the Yankees won the World Series in 2009 using the home run, and I did not hear people complaining about it back then.


Hitting a lot of home runs is never a bad thing. The object of the game is to score runs and the home run is a great way to do it.. If you have the ability to do it, then do it. That is what A-Rod, Posada, Cano, Teixeira, and Granderson do. I don’t see them becoming situational hitters or dropping down bunts. I think once Jeter and Gardner get hot, those solo home runs will turn into 2 and 3 run homers.


Yankee fans have nothing to worry about. They are 10-6 and in first place. I would be shocked if they do not win 95 games and make the playoffs. Appreciate what you have and stop finding little things to complain about. You should also thank whatever god you believe in that you were not born a Met fan.


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By Rob Bonanni


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