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Ike Davis Becomes Just Another Crippled Met



In Tuesday night’s game against the Rockies, David Wright made contact for the first time in two weeks. Unfortunately, it was Wright colliding with Ike Davis on an infield popup. The Mets, who said all off season they would play the game the right way, must not have practiced calling for pop ups. That is something kids learn in little league.


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Ike Davis injured his calf muscle on the play and was forced to leave the game. The news got worse when he woke up in more pain, and the Mets were forced to fly him back to New York to get examined by the Mets doctors. This is a story a Mets fan does not want to hear. When a Mets player visits the doctor, the news is never good.


Mets have put Ike on the 15 day DL. Davis joins the long list of Mets who have been put on the DL this season. I would list them all, but I do not have enough space on the page. Additionally, with the Mets, the 15 day DL is not always 15 days. Fifteen days quickly becomes a month. Just look at Angel Pagan or Jason Bay.


It is unfortunate for Davis, who has gotten off to a great start and has probably been the Mets best offensive player. Davis is batting .302 with 7 home runs and 25 RBI’s. The Mets will be forced to move Daniel Murphy to first and Justin Turner to second on a regular basis, weakening the lineup. They’ve also called up Fernando Martinez to replace Ike.


I think there might be a curse on Citi Field because ever since they moved into the stadium, the injury bug has been an epidemic. Maybe it is the curse of Bernie Madoff.


By Rob Bonanni


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