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Is Lebron James on Steroids?


I am not going to come out and definitively say that LeBron James is on HGH. However, I do think there is evidence supporting the theory.  Compare his size to the rest of the players in the league.  He is built more like an NFL tight end than a basketball player.  Additionally, he looks totally different now compared to when he first came into the league.

Here is a picture from his rookie season



Here is a picture of him now


He is double the size.  It’s just like comparing pictures of Barry Bonds as a rookie with those from the end of his career. Please do not tell me that it’s all from working out.  Don’t try to pass it off as Lebron gaining more weight as he gets older.  How does weight lifting change the size of your head?

A trainer at my gym told me he thinks LeBron is on HGH.  He said the human body does not develop muscle like that naturally, and with all the cardio done in a basketball game it should be impossible to have that amount of muscle mass.  The basketball season is 82 games.  All you math nerds can try to calculate the amount of miles ran by a player each game, especially one who plays around 40 minutes a game.  LeBron has nothing close to the body of a runner.

Additionally, HGH can have certain side affects.  One of those is hair loss.  Take a look at LeBron’s receding hairline.




Now we know why he wears the head band.   He just turned 26.  That shouldn’t happen to someone so young, unless they’re short, fat, and Jewish. Lebron should follow Karl Malone’s lead and start shilling for Rogaine.  Malone was doing them towards the end of his career though, when pushing 40. The only thing missing right now are pictures of acne on his back, and even if those existed all his tattoos would cover it up.

Who knows, maybe I am just crazy with these theories.  I could be totally wrong.  All I ask from my Pudding followers is to think about it.  Think about it long and hard every time you watch him play.  Crazier theories have been found to be true.

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By Rob Bonanni


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