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Jennry Mejia- the Latest Wounded Met


The Mets single-A affiliate in St. Lucie has actually gotten off to a decent start this season, but they just received very bad news. One of their top pitching prospects, Jennry Mejia, has a complete MCL tear in his throwing elbow and will most likely have surgery ending his season.


The Mets were trying to make Mejia into a starting pitcher after he spent most of last season in the bullpen. It is very logical to think that turning him into a starter from a reliever is a probable cause of the injury. We saw this happen with the Yankees and Joba Chamberlain. It happens so many times in baseball with teams screwing around with pitchers, and we all know how fragile pitchers are. Their precious arms can’t handle it.


Mejia is another name added to the list of wounded Mets. Doesn’t it seem like they have more injuries than anyone else? They bring in an entire new regime to run the team and the injury problem still does not go away. Already this season they have put Jason Bay, Angel Pagan, Bobby Parnell, and Chris Young on the DL. You can even add in the flu bug that affected most of the team last week. This team is snake bitten and things never seem to go their way. Dear God, please God, let just one of the next 20 years be our year.


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By Rob Bonanni



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