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The New Ben Roethlisberger


Big Ben is a changed man. No, seriously.


If this was last year, he would have been walking around the bar waving his junk around, getting ready to slam out a co-ed in the bathroom stall.

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This story was very overblown.  He was just being a good teammate by taking out his lineman for a night on the town.  That is football tradition.  The game is on Sunday.  Going out for a few drinks and singing Piano Man for the crowd on Tuesday night is not a big deal.  He also bought drinks for the entire place.  What a nice guy.  If I was in Dallas for the Super Bowl, I would be at a different strip club every night, taking shots off strippers stomachs.  Did any of you read the book “Boys Will Be Boys?”  Dallas strip clubs are ridiculous.

Final proof that Big Ben is a new man- He prayed to God after the Jet game, so he must be a different person.


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By Rob Bonanni


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