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Why the Mets Should Trade David Wright, not Jose Reyes



The Giants are in town, which has sparked numerous Jose Reyes trade rumors. If you haven’t heard, Reyes is a free agent at the end of the year, and the Mets have financial problems. Reyes wants a boat load of money and the Mets will probably not give it to him. Most likely the Mets will not be in playoff contention, leading them to potentially trade Reyes, and the Giants are a possible trade partner.


I think trading Reyes is a huge mistake. Reyes is the greatest asset on the team. The franchise practically built Citi Field for him. Financial problems or not, I would do everything in my power if I were the Mets to keep him. I think he is worth the money (in terms of what other players on his level are making).


If was running the team, with money being an issue and assuming they wouldn’t get rid of both, I would invest my money in Reyes and trade David Wright. I know I am a Wright basher, so I am biased with my statements, but that is how I feel.


David Wright is very replaceable. If you ask anyone with baseball knowledge they would tell you the same thing. A corner infielder with some power is much easier to find than a lead off gold glove shortstop that could score over 100 runs and steal over 50 bases.


In my opinion, David Wright is the most overrated player in baseball. He is not a franchise player and the Mets have built him up like he is one. I know he is their “golden boy”, but it is so undeserved. Wright is a strike out machine and his play at 3rd base is terrible. He has the worst throwing arm in the league and would probably be better off playing 1st.


As a realist, I understand getting rid of Wright will probably never happen, and Reyes will end being the one to go. I also understand that Reyes is a major injury threat and giving him a long term contract is a risk, but it is a risk worth taking. If the Met’s let Reyes go, it will be a decision they regret forever. I can only imagine Reyes playing for a contender, like the Giants, stealing bases and hitting triples in the middle of a pennant race. It makes me sick to think about it, but it is the inevitable.


By Rob Bonanni



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