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The 5 Best Man Caves Ever

Picture_3The definition of a Man Cave is as follows : A designated area specifically allocated for male use, including a den, basement, office, and/or garage, used sometime for solitary confinement from the outside world; a male sanctuary with or without fellow males. These five man caves are all that and a keg of beer.


Star Wars has been known to take over peoples lives, such as this man Vic Wertz. He modeled his Man Cave after the Death Star from the Star Wars trilogy. Actually, to be more specific, he says its after Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer. It took 36 months to get to this point. It includes life-sized memorabilia as well as a trap door, and its behind Han Solo in Carbonite. Where else would it be? All the equipment is located in a room across the hall, therefore making it look clean and organized.

Picture_8Next is literally a Bat Cave. A man in Australian thought it would be a wonderful idea to model his home theater/Man Cave from Batman’s Cave. Being fully concrete and concave, a curved screen was installed, first ever to be done in an Australian home. The specific lighting and feel of the room makes you wonder why Dark Knight isn’t being watched 24 hours, 7 days a week. Large leather chairs round out the room, along with blue neon lights lining the walkways.

Picture_13Harley Davidson Motorcycles have had quite the influence on men over the years, so it was only a matter of time until someone decided to dedicate an entire Man Cave to them. The heavily themed room features a full bar, Harley Davidson memorabilia just about everywhere you can look, juke box, Harley Davidson refrigerator, flat screen and of course those simply stated but awesome neon beer signs.

Next step would be to have an actual Harley in the room, right?

Picture_14A very modern approach was taken to this next room. The theme would be simple, clean contemporary look. Modern furniture and coloring take the room to a nice level. All the furniture and flooring were all found either on eBay or Ikea. All the bold colors work really well and make certain pieces pop. This fella did a nice job, considering he put everything together himself. But, still I have yet to meet someone who does not have that ‘I didn’t have all the parts in the box’ story from Ikea. I doubt he did either.

When you go to certain college, especially if they are a good sports school, you always find yourself rooting for them from that point on. This Florida man took it to a whole new level. He created a shrine to Picture_12the University of Florida in his garage. Three 32 inch flat screens, a 110 inch film screen, amazing surround system, and a PlayStation 3 are only the beginning to this room. It has a full bar as well as jerseys and helmets of Florida players of the past. I mean, I liked college and all, but this is just crazy.


As a man, I could only hope to have half of what these are in a random room in my house in the  future. If you feel the same, maybe you should start planning now.

By: Adam Z



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